Domaines Activités :
R&D et service dans l’informatique
Site web :
HR : Nom de la personne de contact :
Lusine Kazaryan
HR : Poste de la personne de contact :
Career Manager
HR : Numéro de téléphone :
+32 10 75 02 00
HR : Numéro de fax :
HR : Adresse email :
Adresse :
Rue Emile Francqui 4,
1435 Mont-Saint-Guibert
Description :
In 2008, we founded EURA NOVA with a vision: to bring life to our customers' great ideas, by offering best-in-class IT services. To make this happen, we invest significantly in in-house knowledge and expertise. Our investment strategy allows us to continuously become more proficient, to maintain our know-how at the cutting edge of IT, and to share its benefits with our customers. It allows us to meet our goal: we are happy only when our customers experience greater success and thereby reach the highest level of satisfaction.

We have attracted blue-chip clients from around the world with innovative, state-of-the-art IT solutions. These include FORTUNE 500 companies, multinationals and start-ups from a variety of leading industries such as energy, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, finance, and telecommunications.

The R&D activities are led by our research director Sabri Skhiri. The Research and Development Centre of EURA NOVA works on four main tracks: high-performance & distributed architecture, graphs, machine learning, and data architecture. In 10 years we have produced 23 master theses and PhD theses, 28 scientific papers, as well as 3 workshops at the IEEE Conference on Big Data and talks at other international events .

EURA NOVA is headquartered at the university town of Louvain-La-Neuve, renowned for cross-pollination and academic spin-offs. It is in the most prosperous part of French-speaking Belgium, half an hour from the capital of Europe. Since 2017, EURA NOVA has also opened two new R&D centres, with one in Marseille and one in Tunis.
Métiers :
data scientists, data engineers, front-end developers, back-end developers, data architects
Profils recherchés :
We are looking for highly talented profiles to share their skills with us, either as staff members, freelancers, consultants, researchers, interns, or partners.

We are looking for the best IT and support people, for fast learners who are also able to keep adapting and evolving in a strong and cohesive environment. We like you to feel both empowered and responsible for your own development and for your contribution to the company, nifty enough to co-create as you go along with the team and EURA NOVA's growth, and to reach out to people from all professional backgrounds.

In short, we expect you to add value to our company, to know your strengths and weaknesses, and to work with them and at them.
Procédure de recrutement :
We don’t advertise vacancies and we have our own recruitment process. During this process you will have interviews with several people from our team.
To apply, you need to comply with three criteria:
1.have an excellent understanding of the company’s vision and core business;
2.tell us how you would strengthen and complement our team;
3.surprise us in your application.
Please send your application to
Secteurs d'activités :
- artificialintelligence
- softaware engineering
- architecture
Implantations :
Chiffre d'affaires :
Effectif :
80 people

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