Alten Belgium

Domaines Activités :
Consulting company in engineering & high technology
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HEALY Stéphanie
HR : Poste de la personne de contact :
HRBP Manager
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:+32 (0) 2 774 88 11
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Adresse :
112 Chaussée de Charleroi, 1060 Saint Gilles
Description :
More than $8 billion invested in R&D each year in Belgium, one of the highest pro capita rates in Europe. A central location facilitates communication and makes Belgium a key country for sectors such as oil & gas and health. The excellence of academic establishments also benefits skilled engineers across the whole technology sector. These reasons make Belgium one of the most attractive countries for foreign investors, with extensive operations from manufacturers in the Automotive, Life Sciences, Aerospace, Railway and Information Technology sectors.
ALTEN Belgium has become a reference partner for its customers, based on discriminating competitive strengths:
• Located over the entire territory: Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels, and adaptation to the French, Dutch and English speaking environments;
• A diversified and well-balanced product and service supply, from consulting to full project realisation in service centre mode;
• Expertise in all three Group business lines (Engineering, Life Sciences, Enterprise Services ) providing the ability to operate in all business sectors.
Métiers :
Consultant Engineer eager to develop & boost their career with a consulting role within our customers
Profils recherchés :
Civil Engineer Chemical & Materials Science; Civil Engineer Electricity; Civil Engineer Computer; Civil Engineer Mechanical
Procédure de recrutement :
ALTEN is always looking for brilliant profile interested to join a large group with an international dimension in a dynamic environment. The company’s strength is based on the development of human capital. To maintain our quality standards, we have developed a robust and efficient recruitment process that combines direct interaction and transparency. It is simple, direct and efficient.
Step 1: Phone discussion with HR Business Partner
Once we received your CV, a HR Business Partner will contact you in order to get more relevant information about your motivations, your expectations and your mobility. If your profile fits to ALTEN Belgium’s needs, an interview with a Business Manager will be schedule according to your availability.
Step 2: Interview with a Business Manager
During this interview, the Business Manager will go through your profile, skills & experiences then he will introduce ALTEN Belgium, its main projects and the various possibilities of career development.
Step 3: Interview with HR & Senior Business Manager
For this step, you will meet first the HR Business Partner, and then the Senior Business Manager. It will allow us to better understand your experiences, go further on your technical and interpersonal skills. They will challenge you!
Step 4: Final interview
During the final step, a contract proposal will be done.
ALTEN Belgium HR Team remain at your disposal during the whole recruitment process.
Secteurs d'activités :
Technology & Engineering Consulting in Automotive, Aeronautics & Space, Rails & Naval, Energy, Multimedia & Electronics, Telecom, Finance, Tertiary, Life Sciences
Implantations :
Bruxelles, Antwerp
Chiffre d'affaires :
72 Millions € in 2018
Effectif :
800 Collaborators in 2018

Les JDE sont des journées organisées pour que se rencontrent des entreprises et les étudiants de dernière année du second cycle d'Ingénieur Civil (5e année).

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Faculté Polytechnique  de Mons

Association des Ingénieurs de la FPMs

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